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Tailored specifically for educational institutions seeking innovative computing solutions to enhance learning environments. Foster collaboration, creativity, and engagement in the classroom with custom mini PCs. From collaborative projects to multimedia presentations, our computing solutions empower students to excel in their educational journey.

  • High-performance graphics processing for stunning visual content and multi-display setups.
  • Remote management and content distribution capabilities for centralized control and updates.
  • Reliability and durability for 24/7 operation in demanding environments.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs through reliable and durable industrial grade pc.

Featured Products

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Portable Mini PC
Discover the convenience and versatility of Portable Mini PCs, offering robust performance in a compact form factor. Whether you're on the go or working in tight spaces, they will empower you to stay productive and connected wherever life takes you.
Small Windows Computer
Provide the familiarity and functionality of the Windows operating system in a compact and portable package. Ideal for users who need a reliable computing solution for everyday tasks, these computers offer convenience and versatility in a small footprint.
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Small Form Factor Desktop PC
Combine powerful computing capabilities with a compact design, perfect for users who require high performance in a limited space. These PCs offer versatility and flexibility for various tasks, from office productivity to multimedia entertainment, without sacrificing performance or features.
Box PC
Box PCs and mini PCs offer compact computing solutions with versatile connectivity options, ideal for space-constrained industrial applications.
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Common Problems & Challenges

Limited Space
Mini PCs have a compact form factor, making them suitable for classrooms, labs, and shared learning spaces where space is limited. They can be easily mounted behind monitors or on walls, saving valuable desk space and minimizing clutter.
Energy Inefficiency
Mini PCs typically consume less power than larger desktop computers, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced environmental impact. This makes them a sustainable option for educational institutions looking to minimize their carbon footprint and operating expenses.
Customized Demand
Despite their small size, mini PCs often offer a range of customization options, allowing users to configure the system according to their specific needs and preferences. This includes choosing the processor, memory, storage, and connectivity options that best suit their requirements.

Explore Our Solution:

How Can You Benefit from Our Computers for Multimedia System?

High-Performance Computing

Experience seamless multimedia playback and editing with our high-performance computers designed specifically for multimedia tasks. Enjoy smooth video rendering, audio production, and graphic design without any lag or slowdown.

Reliable Performance and Durability

Count on our multimedia computers for reliable performance and durability, even under heavy usage. Built with quality components and rigorous testing, our systems are designed to withstand the demands of multimedia production, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Connect and expand your multimedia setup with ease using our computers equipped with versatile connectivity options. Whether it's connecting to external displays, audio equipment, or storage devices, our systems offer a wide range of connectivity ports and options to suit your needs.

Customizable Configurations

Tailor your multimedia computer to your specific needs and preferences with customizable configurations. Choose the CPU, RAM, storage, and other components to create a system that meets your exact requirements for multimedia production, gaming, or entertainment.

Why BVS Industrial PC?

High Compatibility

Simplify deployment and enhance compatibility. Our industrial PCs feature versatile connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, WiFi, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and peripherals.

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Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshooting, and assistance with setup and configuration, ensuring that your industrial PCs operate smoothly and efficiently throughout their lifecycle.

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Customizable Configurations

Tailor your computing solution to fit your exact requirements. With flexible configurations including Intel Core processors, RAM, and storage options, our industrial PCs can be customized to match your specific business needs and budget constraints.

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  • 16
    Years of Experience
  • 600,000+
    Annual Unit Production
  • 10+
    Members of R&D Team
  • 1-3
    Days for Rapid Prototyping
  • 25-60
    Days for Mass Production


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
New high-tech enterprise
New high-tech enterprise

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