Are Downtime and Maintenance Costs Cutting Into Your Profits?

Dealing with frequent breakdowns not only interrupts your industrial operations but also leads to high maintenance and repair costs. These interruptions can severely impact your production timelines and profitability.

Learn How to Reduce Costs
Is Your Product Development Slowed Down by Unreliable Embedded Solutions?

For businesses looking to integrate embedded computers into their products, finding a reliable, high-performance solution that can easily be customized and scaled is crucial. Unreliable components can lead to product failures, tarnishing your brand's reputation and causing costly recalls.

Accelerate Your Product Development

BVS Industrial Computer:
Engineered for Reliability and Seamless Integration

Minimize downtime and enhance product reliability with our rugged, customizable industrial computers.

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CPU: Up to Intel® Celeron® Processor J6412

RAM: DDR3L, 8GB max

Fanless Design with Fully Enclosed Housing

2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

HDMI & VGA Display Output

Mini-PCIe Slot

Optional WiFi/4G Available

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CPU: Up to Intel® Core™ i7-5600U Processor

RAM: DDR3L, 8GB max

Fanless Design with Fully Enclosed Housing

2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

HDMI & VGA Display Output

Mini-PCIe Slot

Optional WiFi/4G Available

Unlock New Levels of Performance
and Flexibility with Our Embedded Box PC

Compact and Rugged Design

Our embedded industrial PC are designed to fit into tight spaces and withstand industrial environments, ensuring they can be integrated into any part of your machinery or product without compromising on space or durability.

High Customization
and Scalability

With a wide range of I/O ports, customizable hardware options, and scalable performance levels, our embedded computers can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industrial applications or product integrations.

Energy Efficiency and
Low Power Consumption

Designed for energy efficiency, our embedded computers use less power, reducing operational costs and the carbon footprint of your operations and products.

Extended Operational Lifespan

Our industrial embedded PC are built to last, with extended operational lifespans even in the most demanding environments to ensure your industrial operations and embedded product solutions will stand the test of time.

Elevate Your Capabilities Today

Embedded PC Applications

  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Kiosk and Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Educational Use
  • Healthcare Equipment
Empower Your Manufacturing with Smart, Efficient Control Systems
Embedded PC bring precision, efficiency, and intelligence to industrial automation and control systems. By integrating our products, you can automate complex manufacturing processes, enhance productivity, and reduce human error, leading to significant cost savings and improved output quality.
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Revolutionize Customer Interactions with Seamless, Reliable Service
Our embedded computers power kiosks and POS systems, ensuring fast, reliable transactions and interactive customer services. Ideal for retail, hospitality, and public service sectors, they offer a robust platform for secure payments, information display, and user engagement.
Enhance Your Customer Experience
Capture Attention with Dynamic, High-Impact Displays
Empower education with cutting-edge technology: our mini PCs serve as versatile learning tools in classrooms, facilitating interactive lessons, multimedia presentations, and hands-on educational activities.
Enhance Teaching Experience
Innovate Healthcare with Advanced, Reliable Technology
Embedded computers play a crucial role in healthcare equipment, facilitating innovations in diagnostics, treatment, and patient monitoring. They ensure these critical systems operate with precision and reliability, contributing to improved patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.
Advance Patient Care

Why BVS?

R&D Driven

10+ specialists in electronics, software development, and more

Advanced laboratories and manufacturing equipment

5-step quality control

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Specialized hardware

Customized specifications, ports, and modules

Tailored design or branding

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Support & Repair Services

Remote technical support

Fast-shipping of parts and components

Easy replacement, repair or upgrade

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  • 16
    Years of Experience
  • 600,000+
    Annual Unit Production
  • 10+
    Members of R&D Team
  • 1-3
    Days for Rapid Prototyping
  • 25-60
    Days for Mass Production


Since integrating BVS embedded computers into our manufacturing line, we've seen a 30% increase in production efficiency and a significant reduction in downtime. The rugged design and reliability in harsh conditions have been game-changers for us.
Alex Johnson.
Manufacturing Manager
"Our new line of kiosks, powered by BVS embedded solutions, has drastically improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations. The systems are incredibly reliable and have handled peak transaction volumes without a hitch."
Samantha Lee.
VP of Operations
"The flexibility and performance of BVS's embedded computers have allowed us to deliver high-impact advertising solutions to our clients. Our outdoor digital billboards now offer brighter, more captivating displays, driving higher engagement rates."
Ethan Grant.
Digital Marketing Director
"BVS's embedded computers have been integral in developing our next-gen medical devices. Their precision and reliability have enabled advanced patient monitoring and diagnostics, contributing significantly to patient care quality."
Dr. Mia Chang
Director of R&D


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
New high-tech enterprise


Stay a Step ahead in Industrial IT Performance

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